Saadia Ogle Foundation

Break Down Barriers Towards Mobility

Imagine having to spend day after day at home, yearning for the means to lead an independent, active and socially mobile life? Being physically disabled shouldn’t be a barrier to living a happy, healthy life, yet many people find themselves isolated and dependent on others as they are unable to afford right care, treatment and resources. You can help break down these barriers. Gifting a wheelchair to a disabled person means giving them back their independence and a whole new ease of mobility which we ourselves often take for granted


Little Fathiya from moyale, we bought her a cerebral palsy wheelchair and some clothes/diapers

Mzee Ahmed in Wajir, we bought wheelchair and 3 months foodstock for him


Nairobi, we bought a wheelchair for this young boy


His previous wheelchair was not comfortable.


Mr Adan on his old wheelchair


Mr Adan on his new wheelchair


This is mama Ijaabo from Wajir, we bought her a new wheelchair